Big Brother Is Watching You From Mysterious Billboards in New York and San Francisco

Teaser ads, but for what?

Mysterious billboards have appeared in New York and San Francisco bearing the message that "Your data should belong to the NSA." As Gothamist astutely points out, it already does, regardless of any shoulds or should-nots. Animal New York did a little sleuthing and discovered this is some kind of teaser campaign for a company that will be revealed this week. A second billboard in New York reads, "The Internet should be regulated." ("For now, I am respecting the creative campaign and reserving comment on who the advertiser is," a Clear Channel rep told Animal.) So, two questions: Who's the advertiser? And don't they know needling the NSA is a bad idea? Photo via The Dusty Rebel.

UPDATE: The campaign is by BitTorrent, according to Gizmodo. Images below.