Beer rangers devoted to New Belgium’s IPA

To introduce Ranger IPA, New Belgium Brewing's sales crew are being conscripted to don uniforms and appear as "beer rangers" in print and online ads. They'll also visit bars (where they'll get punched out) and retail outlets (where they'll be asked by disaffected teens to buy booze and then get punched out). Cultivator Advertising & Design in Denver concocted the campaign, along with the mission statement: "To protect. To pour. To partake." There's a hip-hop video that's so unwatchable, you'll immediate hit replay just to see if it was real. (Your brain dies on the third viewing, but that's when it actually gets kind of good.) You can also "ranger yourself," but who would do so while sober? The guys look like Boy Scouts to me. The Scouts would never condone underage drinking. But it would be a hoot making them say "jumpin' jamboree" 15 times fast, after they've downed some drafts, to earn that IPA merit badge.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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