Beer and loathing at Flying Dog Brewery

We’ve seen small breweries roll out some great special-edition beers in recent years. Wasatch Beers in Utah has its Polygamy Porter (slogan: “Why have just one!”). After Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords ditched the Republican Party and became an independent, South Burlington’s Magic Hat honored him with a Jeezum Jim beer. And now comes news that Denver’s Flying Dog Brewery will honor the late Hunter S. Thompson with a Gonzo Imperial Porter. “Like Hunter, this beer is deep and complex,” says the release on the Flying Dog Web site. “Gonzo Imperial Porter has been brewed with black, chocolate and crystal malts, and hopped with Millennium and Cascades. This is a turbo-charged version of the Road Dog, and at 9.5% ABV it will bite you in the ass if you don’t show it the proper respect.” Like all Flying Dog beers, this one’s label will feature an illustration by Ralph Steadman, the longtime collaborator of Thompson’s.

—Posted by Tim Nudd