Beatles reborn in exultant ‘Rock Band’ spot

Several bands have gotten special treatment from the folks behind
Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but no collaboration with AC/DC or Metallica
could compete with the anticipation for The Beatles: Rock Band. Which
is why it's a damn good thing that the video kicking off the game isn't
just great; it's possibly the greatest opening cinematic of any
game in history. (Click here to watch a high-definition version.) If
you disagree, go back and watch the grating intros to Rock Band and
Rock Band 2, which basically punish you for putting the game in the
console. What's nice is that the video also gets across two major
aspects of the game. First, as the players, you'll follow the Beatles'
career path, unlocking songs and venues in chronological order. Second,
the game actually does use "dreamscapes" as in-game visuals, especially
for the band's later, more pharmaceutically enhanced work. For now,
you'll have to content yourself with this video and a few blips
of gameplay footage
until The Beatles: Rock Band hits the shelves Sept.
9. UPDATE: The video was directed by Pete Candeland of Passion Pictures, director of the Gorillaz music videos.

—Posted by David Griner