Bear Grylls tests Degree with meat ponchos

Bear Grylls

In this new Degree Adrenaline deodorant spot, Bear Grylls, professional badass and the star of Man vs. Wild, conducts the first meat-poncho product test by outfitting three average guys in meat and releasing a pack of wolves. The only one who makes it out alive—and without pit stains—is the man wearing Degree, of course. The spot continues a partnership that started two months ago with the Degree Chain of Adventure videos, in which Mark Sanchez, Kevin Durant and Tony Hawk challenged Bear to three extreme survival challenges. The challenges were pretty insane but profoundly unfunny. With this new spot, they've returned to today's mainstay of male deodorant advertising—humor. You may remember that Bear used to be the spokesman for Sure, but he's not being two-faced. In Britain, Degree is Sure. (The U.S. version of Sure is a competitor.) See an early Bear spot for Sure here—actually his first TV appearance, and a reminder that deodorant wasn't always about growing six awesome heads that shoot lightning.