BBDO, VW give birth to beach-bum dogfish

The auto industry is so bad these days that Volkswagen has apparently gotten into the side business of animal cross-breeding. This odd Brazilian commercial from Almap BBDO for the VW SpaceFox stars that most unlikely of spokescreatures: the dogfish. As in, half dog, half fish. He's a playful, energetic fellow who probably tastes like chicken. The connection to the car is a bit confusing, though. It's not a hybrid; I guess it's a crossover. According to the tagline, it can be "anything you imagine." Here in the U.S., the ad could be tailored to sell a certain brand of great Delaware beer. UPDATE: Almap BBDO e-mails us with an explanation: "SpaceFox is a spacious car. You can fit in whatever you fancy. All you can imagine. Including a dogfish."

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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