Barry Sonnenfeld takes stand against Web

"The Internet has Barry Sonnenfeld freaked out," says The Hollywood Reporter. During an address at this week’s NAB show in Las Vegas, the producer-director explained: “I fear the Internet for so many reasons.” I assume he’s referring to his picture on Wikipedia. Sonnenfeld continued: “The medium is the message, and the medium has invaded our home and taken over our minds. … The really scary part is how hypnotic it is.” Yes, Barry, your cowboy hat, leather jacket, orange tie and jeans are etched in my brain and will give me nightmares for weeks. (Sonnenfeld directed Men in Black and Wild Wild West, so perhaps his getup constitutes a misguided fusion of themes.) The filmmaker worries that kids today grow up with “no concept of the right to privacy and in fact [do] not understand the need for it, because the Facebook generation is not concerned with what people know about them.” These and other weighty topics no doubt form the intellectual foundation for Sonnenfeld’s next production … Space Chimps. Ingmar Bergman died last year. This feels like the right place to mention that.

—Posted by David Gianatasio