Baltimore’s citizens help out city’s tourism

Baltimore2 When most people think of Baltimore, they picture a poorly run, decaying industrial landscape stricken with poverty and crime. And while that’s understandable, it’s not the complete picture. In that spirit, a new tourism campaign, Visit My Baltimore, invites locals to personalize their city’s portrayal by uploading videos of themselves in their favorite places. Yes, there’s a lot of Inner Harbor stuff (mostly because of the on-the-spot video booth there), but you see bits of Mt. Vernon, Canton and Locust Point in some of the video tours. I like this campaign. As a resident Baltimoron, it makes me sad when people disparage my city. I mean, sure, it’s six times more dangerous than New York City. And yeah, Dundalk is where you’d stick the hose if you were giving Maryland an enema. But there really is a lot going on in Charm City, and most of it is pretty fun. It’s worth living here for the community theater alone. And you can’t go wrong with a city that appreciates the dark humor provided by its baseball team’s win-loss record.

—Posted by David Kiefaber