Baileys Is Made of Cream, Whiskey and Hordes of Tiny Dancers

Musical number from BBH and Megaforce

Headshot of Tim Nudd

The best alcohol ads are the ones in which the booze is made of little people all dressed up the same and doing an elaborate dance number together. This truism is proven once again in this ludicrous yet undeniably entertaining Baileys Irish Cream spot from BBH in London. The guys at Megaforce, who directed this extravaganza, are apparently big Busby Berkeley fans. (Indeed, they also directed Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin' " video, which had more than its share of mind-bending geometrical overhead shots.) Particularly awesome is the opening shot of the ice cube dropping into the Baileys, which suddenly blossoms into a three-ringed group of tiny dancers holding hands and pulsating—a vision Hunter S. Thompson surely saw a few times while staring down into his drinks. The tagline is, "Cream with spirit." (Get it?) Better make it a double. Credits below.


Client: Baileys

Spot: "Pour Spectacular"

Global Brand Director: Garbhan O’Bric

Agency: BBH, London

BBH Creative Team (film): Kat Bojcuk, Steve Sorec

BBH Creative Director: Rosie Arnold

BBH Producer: Victoria Baldacchino

BBH Commercial Strategy Director: Heather Alderson

BBH Strategic Business Lead: Richard Lawson

BBH Team Director: Rachel Parry

BBH Team Manager: Lucy Nebel

Production Company: Riff Raff Films

Director: Megaforce

Executive Producer: Matthew Fone

Producer: Michaela Johnson

Director of Photography: Dan Landin

Editors, Editing House: Paul Watts, Scott Kato, The Quarry

Sound: Soundtree/Wave

Postproduction: The Mill

Lead Flames: Ben Turner, Gary Driver

Flame Assistants: Grant Connor, Hugo Saunders, Bevis Jones

Visual Effects Shoot Supervisors: Ben Turner, Francois Roisin

Telecine Artist: Mick Vincent

Computer Graphics Image Lead: Francois Roisin

Visual Effects Production: Chris Baten

Computer Graphics Image Team: Dan Moore, Emily Medger, David Knight, Chris McDonald, Stuart Turnbull, Jake Flint

Concept Art: Jimmy Kiddell

Matte Painting: Antoine Birot, Callum Strachan, German Casado

Print Photographer: Norman Jean Roy, CLM

BBH Art Director: Charlene Chandrasekaran

BBH Creative Director: Rosie Arnold

Print Producer: Rachel Wickham

BBH Designers: Dominic Grant, Rich Kennedy

Packshot Photographer: Laurence Haskell

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.