Back-to-school booty from Target

So there I was, innocently watching TV last week, when a new Target ad came on. (To see the ad, launch “Channel Red” and select the image of the girl with the pink backpack.) Like everyone else, I’m impressed with Tarjay’s work, so I paid closer attention as my foot started tapping to the music. “I like backpacks, and I cannot lie.” Wait a minute! I know that song. That’s the Sir Mix-a-Lot novelty hit “Baby Got Back.” Only this time, instead of amply reared women shaking for the camera, there are little kids dancing all over the Target bull’s-eye. (You can also get the New York Post’s take on the spot here.) Now, I realize that kids love music that’s not appropriate—my 4-year-old loves “Hey Ya,” by OutKast, though he doesn’t know what “come-a” means. At the very least, Seth Stevenson over at Slate has another example to add to his file of songs used inappropriately in advertising.

—Posted by Aaron Baar