In Australia, DVRs remain a thing of wonder

Australian ad shop Three Drunk Monkeys gets silly in this pair of spots touting the Foxtel iQ time-shifting DVR. Dim blokes (that's what they're called there) marvel at the machine's snazzy features and ask, "What will they think of next?" The answer: an invisible Samurai and a disembodied, French-accented, pugilistic glove. The glove's accent sounds more manically insane than Gallic, but that's part of the charm, along with cool details like the glove swiping a sandwich. (How does it intend to eat the thing?) But you have to wonder: Are pausing live TV and recording two shows at once really that revolutionary in Australia? Did they only just get DVRs delivered? Dim blokes. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio