A Ready-Made #RiseUp Attachment

Atlanta cartoonist's portrait of Falcons superfan Samuel L. Jackson deserves to take social-media flight Sunday

In the fall of 2010, Atlanta caricaturist Richard Wilson shared the following illustration on a BBS hosted by the official Falcons website.

Of all the images we perused today while thinking of Falcons superfan Samuel L. Jackson, this seems to be the one most perfectly primed for social media propagation Sunday. Viewers cheering on the Falcons can essentially use the illustration to pick up where the man himself left off recently on Twitter.

Wilson has worked for several years as a caricaturist at Six Flags Over Georgia. His portraits of both regular folks and celebrities like Jackson are outstanding.

Tangentially, we can’t think of too many situations that would inspire Jackson to mess with his melodic full name. But if the Falcons do win Sunday, we think it makes perfect sense for the actor to temporarily re-brand himself on Twitter as Samuel W. Jackson for the W-in.

Speaking of #RiseUp, check out the rousing gospel version below put together with Atlanta’s Davis Academy by Michael Rosenberg and Leo Falkenstein. The Class of 2005 duo now run their own brand agency and video services company, Consume. This particular anthem was co-written by Rabbi Micah Lapidus and features a great bit of support from CNN national correspondent Gary Tuchman.

Image via: Twitter