Are these the 10 worst auto ads ever made?

Jalopnik has unveiled its list of the 10 Worst Car Commercials of All Time, and they really are bad. They're so bad that the one with Celine Dion is the best of them, at No. 10. It's topped by a variety of losers, including a Triumph Spitfire ad in which the driver can't even hit the speed limit; Toby Keith having an "Amerigasm" all over a construction site for Ford; that weird Super Bowl ad from General Motors where the robot commits suicide; Toyota's "Saved by Zero" fiasco; and an ad for the Datsun 280ZX in which the guy's mustache looks nicer than the car. Now, we're not going to blame decades of auto-industry failure on their poor marketing decisions, but we will recognize stuff like this as the foreshadowing it so clearly was.

—Posted by David Kiefaber