And the winner of Best Nose Job is …

Missplastic_1For anyone out there who has lingering concerns about whether China has embraced capitalism, you need wonder no more. With the naming of its first Miss Plastic Surgery over the weekend, it looks like the country’s transformation is just about complete.

The winner, according to the AP, was 22-year-old Feng Qian, who had surgery on her eyelids and cheeks.  In a nod to China’s growing entrepreneurial spirit, the pageant was started after a contestant was disqualified from another pageant for the non-surgically-altered when it became known that she had been. (For this pageant, contestants had to prove they’d had surgery. We can only imagine the approval process.)

There was a tie for Best Media Image between Liu Xiaojin, a 21-year-old who came into his womanhood after a sex change operation three years ago, and Liu Yulan a retiree who has had “a facelift and three other procedures.”

Come to think of it, this pageant sounds so interesting, maybe the ratings-challenged Miss America Pageant should take note.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor