American gets NBA home-court advantage

No matter which team takes the NBA title, American Airlines wins. The basketball arenas in Dallas and Miami are both named for the airline—in Miami, the Heat play in the 7-year-old American Airlines Arena; in Dallas, the Mavericks play in the 5-year-old American Airlines Center. It’s the first time something like this has happened, and American execs seem to be nominating themselves for the “Real Men of Genius” award. “It just makes us think we’re marketing geniuses and that we planned this all along,” a spokesman told reporters. (FedEx and AT&T also both have their names on two separate sports facilities, but they play host to different sports.) While American is headquartered in Dallas’ neighboring city of Fort Worth, Miami is one of its largest hubs, with service to Latin America. American’s promotional events in Dallas have included a round-trip ticket giveaway to almost 20,000 fans to promote the carrier’s new service out of Dallas Love Field.

—Posted by Richard Williamson

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