Amazon’s Kindle Ice Queen Is Back, Now With a Couple of Kids

Brand takes another shot at Apple's iPad

After seeing Samsung's spirited swing at Apple users, Amazon's continuing anti-Apple pandering just feels weak. The new ad for the Kindle Fire pits a dorky, single iPad user against a Kindle-reading mom in a bikini—the same ice queen from the 2010 spot, though now she's warmed up a bit and seems to have a couple of kids. They might as well show the Kindle riding a dragon in space if they're this desperate to make it look appealing. Gizmodo pokes some more holes in the new spot, saying that ripping the iPad for not being like the Kindle is like "making fun of a Lexus for not being a Kia." And the Los Angeles Times points out that Amazon is losing money on every Kindle it sells. Of course, Amazon is making up for that by Walmarting the publishing industry out of existence, so they won't be going belly-up anytime soon. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.