Alltel’s Chad gets a good solid roasting

In pointing me to this rant about Alltel’s ads, my editor prefaced it by warning me that “someone really doesn’t like Chad.” What he should have said is that someone has way, way too much time on his hands. Whoever “Future Man” is, he’s put together an exhaustive and furious screed condemning the ad character’s myriad failings, with corresponding video evidence. It’s an impressive effort, but I haven’t been witness to this much misdirected hate since I stopped listening to AM radio. Chad, who is a fictional character, is lambasted for adopting “the brash and boastful manifest of Charlemagne” to shill Alltel’s services. “Did Jesus,” Future Man further asks, “strap the Pharisees and heretics in the Temple to a cross and shove the beattitudes down their throats?” And that’s just the third paragraph.

—Posted by David Kiefaber