All fun and games until someone gets hurt

Is there an award for most tasteless use of an anniversary in a marketing campaign?

A company called Traffic Management Ltd., based in Scotland of all places, has rolled out a truly bizarre videogame called JFK Reloaded that puts game players in the role of Lee Harvey Oswald and asks them to take aim at John F. Kennedy’s motorcade in Dallas and try to off the president. To maximize exposure and/or nausea among consumers, the company rolled out the game last Monday, on the 41st anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

There’s been widespread disgust with the whole thing, obviously, and the company has come out with defensive PR guns blazing—which was no doubt also in the plan from the beginning. Its defense? It says the game is basically a history lesson, in that it supports the lone-gunman theory. The company is even offering a cool $100,000 to the player who most
accurately re-creates the three shots Oswald fired from the Texas
School Book Depository building on Nov. 22, 1963. 

Roll that one up and smoke it.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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