All bets are off at Victoria’s Secret

Victoria_1Giving orders to a man in a chicken suit was amusing, the first few times. Writing my sins on my hand and washing them away was cool, for a while. Both sites are still popular enough to remain on the Web all these months later, allegedly persuading people to buy Burger King sandwiches and Method brand hand soap and testifying to the talent of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, who built them. But the best site from the Miami shop so far was, the strip poker game with the Victoria’s Secret supermodels. I played so much that I swear the tall brunette model was hitting on me. She always seemed so excited when I joined the game. But alas, Victoria’s Secret pulled the Web site last week, barely a month after it launched. I demanded an explanation. I called CP+B. They denied responsibility for this tragedy. I called Victoria’s Secret. They admitted blame but offered no apologies and little explanation. “It was only up there for a test,” a spokesman said. “We do a lot of testing here.” At least one blog suggested that the site wasn’t reaching the target audience of women 18-24. Maybe so, but it certainly was hit with my circle of guy friends.

—Posted by Jim Lovel