Alcohol ads suddenly awkward for Paris

New rule: If you’ve been arrested for DUI, stay out of alcohol advertising for a while. Paris Hilton’s DUI bust earlier this month is a sucker punch to Italian wine-maker Prosecco, which hired the heiress to endorse its Rich line of sparkling wines. (See some photos from her ad shoot here.) Road-safety advocates in Italy say Paris isn’t worthy of the endorsement job. Says one: “She has just been arrested for drunk driving and a few days later she is promoting an alcoholic drink. What sot of image is that?” Back in May, Prosecco’s CEO was giddy upon welcoming Paris to the Tyrol ski resort in the Alps for a grand press event. “Paris Hilton was very pleasant and uncomplicated,” he said. “I found her to be completely different from the way she is usually portrayed. Nobody else currently embodies carefree lust for life as convincingly and glamorously as Paris Hilton. That’s why she’s matches Rich Prosecco so well.” Paris returned the compliment, but with fewer words. Of the sparkling wine, she said, “It’s yummy.”