Airline Delays Feel-Good Ads in Light of Staff Sex Photos

Slogan: 'Meet the team that goes the extra mile'

Cathay Pacific Airways is delaying an ad campaign with the theme "Meet the team that goes the extra mile to make you feel special" after photos surfaced showing two employees joining the Mile High Club on board. The campaign had been planned for early September but will be delayed until Oct. 1 because "the original timing doesn't suit us," a Cathay spokesman said Monday. The NSFW photos, which you can see here, appeared in the Hong Kong news media this month, leading the employees (not including Nancy Hui, above, who appeared in earlier employee ads and is surely a great person who doesn't have sex on planes) to be fired and CEO John Slosar to freak out. "Let me be crystal clear about one thing," he said in a statement, before choosing some unfortunate phrasing to condemn the staffers' act: "I find any behavior that recklessly soils the reputation of our company or our team members as totally unacceptable." UPDATE: An ad from the earlier portion of the campaign took some heat for being not exactly progressive in its portrayal of the featured flight attendant. See that ad after the jump.