AIG’s ‘strength’ tagline turns to punch line

With the U.S. government scrounging $85 billion from the couch cushions to save insurance and investment giant AIG, it’s hard not to laugh at ads featuring the company’s tagline, "The strength to be there." The TV spots, in rotation since 2007, feature kids chastising their parents for entrusting their future to things like corporate pensions, when they could apparently (and unwittingly) be dumping their life savings into subprime mortgages over at AIG. Check out three of the ads over on Consumerist. (Wall Street Fighter has a bunch as well.) Maybe it’s not too late for AIG to hitch itself to a new tagline for its bright new future. If they hurry, maybe they can beat Jim Cramer to trademarking the phrase, "We’re all communists now."

—Posted by David Griner