This Agency’s Logo Is a Composite of Many Faces of the Creative Team

And even the client, too

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Oliver Haupt is the primary creative force behind The Unknown Artist studio, but it's only his eyes in the logo above—the rest of the face is a mix of other team members involved in the creative process. 

Haupt says the logo features "the nose of an account man, the ears of a creative director, the hair of a producer, the mouth of a client, the shoulders of an art director, the eyebrows of a product manager's husband," along with his own eyes.

The point? The creative process—even for a photographer like Haupt, whose artistry is most central to the finished product—has become very democratic, and the logo reflects that.

"The old model of the god director/photographer who is doing his art has come to an end," Haupt tells AdFreak. "It has all changed in a few years, and that is the fascinating about marketing, art, communication … suddenly we all move a lot more together, though we are spread all around the planet. We create more than ever. And we create together."

While the logo above is the official one for now, Haupt has created other logos (see below) using other faces. "The team is always changing," he says. "I have six of these faces, and they all are unknown artists … together." 

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.