After 17 Years, eBay Tones Down Its Crazy Logo

First change since founding, but not a total departure

Everyone's been refreshing their logos lately. First Twitter, then Microsoft—and now it's eBay's turn to roll out a new mark, the first logo refresh since the online marketplace's founding 17 years ago this month. The old logo was iconic despite the fact—or rather, because—it was, let's be honest, butt ugly. The new logo cleans up that hot mess a little. But it generally keeps the color scheme intact—the red and blue are dialed back a bit—and keeps the letters touching one another. These are metaphorical choices, the company tells us. "Our vibrant eBay colors and touching letters represent our connected and diverse eBay community," eBay president Devin Wenig says in a statement. (Judging by the response so far on Twitter, one man's metaphor for togetherness is another man's kerning fail.) Toning down the logo is likewise meant to be metaphorical—with the streamlined mark embodying a "cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience" offered by eBay. The new logo will begin to appear across eBay sites and channels this fall. So, how do you like it? Tell us in comments. Below is the full statement by Wenig. And you can also check out eBay's snazzy HTML5 page announcing the change.