Advertising’s Cutest New Mascot Is Not Ready to Accept Your Love

Fluzone hedgehog is good at hiding out online

Fluzone, a flu vaccine being marketed by Sanofi Pasteur, is trying to harness some of Geico's cute-animal-mascot mojo with a hedgehog who decides to get his quills trimmed to match Fluzone's smaller intradermal needles. One wonders why he didn't go to an animal groomer instead of a barber shop that probably wouldn't have the right equipment for him, though. Maybe he got lost during the awkwardly long walking sequence where they listed all the side effects and warnings. Either way, as a hedgehog he'll face greater dilemmas in life, for sure. But while it's true that you shouldn't get too close to a hedgehog, Sanofi Pasteur is missing an opportunity here. Its mascot is getting lots of love, but has almost zero presence online. A Facebook fan page would seem to be a no-brainer.