Adman winds up with Enron’s big ‘E’

EnronWith Enron back in the news, ABC tackles that crucial question: Just where the hell did the company’s big electronic “E” signs go? Well, it turns out there were four of them altogether, and the one that sat in front of Enron HQ on Smith Street in Houston ended up at an ad agency in town called StanAndLou Advertising. The agency’s president, Lou Congelio, picked it up for a mere $8,500, after the man who originally bought it at auction to use as a coffee table sold it under pressure from his wife. Congelio did lend the E to Playboy for its “Women of Enron” photo shoot. And he tells ABC News that he does have some sympathy for Ken Lay: “I think he is a decent guy. He got stuck in the middle of all of this. But he was the keeper of the flame; he should have been paying attention.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd