Ad Reminds Canadian Beer Drinkers Not to Pass Women Around Like Chattel

Objectification of women in a beer commercial? Stop. The. Presses. In this new spot from Publicis Toronto for Alexander Keith's Brewery, two goofy guys make out with the same girl, who's dating one of the losers for some reason beyond human understanding. Later, the doofuses belly up at the bar, sans lady friend, who hopefully wised up and took out a restraining order. The voiceover says, "Some things are not made to share. Some things are." As you'd expect, YouTube commenters really mix it up. "Well, this is one beer I will never drink again," one says. "SO SEXIST … and so insulting to every gender's intelligence levels," opines another. A third counters that those crying sexism "are probably ugly bitches that can't get a man if they tried." Nice. Sounds like something Dominique Strauss-Kahn would say. Kidding, of course. He'd say it in French. Anyway, just another sexist commercial to add to the list. Because you know, we wouldn't milk that topic or anything.