The :30 is alive but maybe not all that well

JaffeIt’s probably easy for a guy who has specialized in interactive marketing for most of his career to declare the 30-second spot an endangered species. But that’s what Joseph Jaffe does in Life After the 30-Second Spot, an Adweek book just out from John Wiley & Sons, New York. Jaffe moderated an Advertising Week panel today titled “TV or Not TV,” in which a half-dozen TV and agency executives disagreed with the premise that the :30 is on a respirator and near death. You’d expect the TV people to disagree. But so did the agency folks, although they stressed that TV advertising needs to evolve. “It needs a pretty big makeover,” said Coleen Kuehn of MPG. “[Commerical] pods are too lengthy, and there is way too much clutter.” Kathy Delaney of Deutsch said TV will remain “a big part of a much bigger picture” for advertisers. Jaffe’s book has some nice plugs on its back cover from several industry luminaries. Donny Deutsch calls it “a postcard from the cutting edge.” Carat’s David Verklin says something similar. Maybe you should read it. Of course, that’s easy for me to say: I got a free copy for attending the session, sponsored by AOL. Call them—maybe they have an extra copy or two on hand. Or you could go to Jaffe’s Web site and try to convince him to give you a copy. That might not work, though: He seemed a little disappointed with the giveaway gimmick. Or just go to your local bookstore and spend the $30 plus tax.

—Posted by Steve McClellan