16-year-old superfan gets new Old Spice ad

Chris Gatewood superfan

Old Spice has set its "Superfan" plan in motion, officially handing its latest commercial to a single fan—a 16-year-old named Chris Gatewood—to do whatever he wants with before Monday, when it breaks on TV. Gatewood got the call, literally, from Isaiah Mustafa, as you can see in the video below. He was chosen apparently for the Old Spice parody video he did back in October (also posted below). So far, he's not revealing details of the spot, but he says on Twitter: "The new Old Spice ad is absolutely amazing! If you think the previous ones were great, the next one will blow you away!" Well done, Chris. UPDATE: It looks like Chris plans on posting the ad online today. He writes on Twitter: "To the people wanting to see the latest Old Spice commercial, just wait a bit and follow me until I post the link! RT so people will know."