The 11 Most Ridiculous Job Titles in Advertising

Rub the lamp, get a digital marketing genie

Gurus, alchemists, champions, evangelists, insurgents, and genies. These kinds of job titles—some of which are parsed and pummeled in this roundup from Chicago agency Plan B—make adland sound a lot more magical than it really is. I view the trend toward wacky, overblown, melodramatic titles as a play by the industry to recapture some of the drama, excitement, and "magic" it's lost since its Mad Men heyday. Brand champion! Creative insurgent! Media ninja! These titles promise days filled with noble pursuits and unbridled creativity—thrilling searches for Big Ideas and Grand Plans guaranteed to drive sales and yield promotions, bonuses, and the adoration of humankind. What the titleholders actually experience, by and large, are PowerPoint-induced migraines, late nights hunched over spreadsheets that don't add up, and soul-sapping efforts to reboot the CMS that just devoured your content. When the business was a bit more "magical," back in the days when copywriters couldn't even spell ROI and campaigns were sold through on bravado and drinks at the Ritz, folks fared fine with utilitarian describers like copywriter and art director. Alas, the old ways are gone. And it'll take one heck of a ninja champion change architect to bring them back. Via The Denver Egotist.