Video: What Bravo Hopes to Get From Its SXSW Activation

Fans indulge in sophomore series Imposters

Bravo's SXSW activation focuses on the series Imposters, starring Inbar Lavi, which returns next month. Video: John Tejada, Editor: Breana Mallamaci

Ahead of its season two debut, the Bravo series Imposters is getting the SXSW treatment. Fans of the show, which follows the story of Maddie, a persona-shifting con artist and the trio of her recent, heart-broken victims.

In Austin, Bravo partnered with Priv to give fans make-up touch-ups and manicures. Guests can also take photos in one of three show-based scenarios.

Here, Bravo’s SVP of marketing, Maria Deluca, talks about what the network hopes to gain from the attraction.