33 Media, Marketing and Tech Stars Who’ve Helped Make Toronto a Vibrant Creative Hub

Call it T.O., the 6ix or “Toronno” (as Torontonians are apt to do), this city along the northwest shore of Lake Ontario has established itself as a vibrant, diverse creative hub across industries ranging from tech and design to music, marketing and more. Far from being a regional player, Toronto can stand on its own next to New York, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, offering bold, new ideas on the world stage. In this special report, we’ll meet 33 key movers and shakers behind its success. Some of these folks fashion innovative brand campaigns and guide digital innovation, while others create chart-topping hits or craft cautionary tales that plumb the depths of our cultural soul. Many give back to the community as mentors, grooming the next generation, or raise big bucks for social causes. Collectively, they continue to push the city forward, raising the bar for artistry and excellence, giving Toronto a spirit and style all its own.