Tech Is Transforming the Role of CMO. Here Are 20 Execs Driving the Innovation

These days, if you’re going to successfully market goods or services to digitally savvy consumers, you better be skilled at using the latest technologies and hippest channels to forge meaningful messages that delight and inspire. Toward that end, “It’s a tremendous competitive advantage to have a leader who can survey the confusing and rapidly changing landscape and identify the innovations that hold promise,” says Richard Giuliani, experience director at CP+B, which has partnered with Domino’s digital chief Dennis Maloney for numerous cutting-edge campaigns. Maloney and the 19 other pivotal players profiled here fulfill the promise of fusing tech innovation with marketing smarts to drive interest and sales. Google CMO Lorraine Twohill, also featured below, sums it up best: “Know the user, know the magic, connect the two.”