Ruby Tuesday Attempts to Blow Up Failed Image

On Tuesday August 5th, Ruby Tuesday will blow up its last old-style restaurant live on the Internet. (Editor’s note: The chain instead pretended to detonate a neighboring building.) Investors in the struggling chain may get a perverse pleasure out of watching as Ruby Tuesday’s performance has been among the poorest in the casual dining category.

The sit-down segment as a whole is reeling because of the economy and oversaturation of locations. Yesterday, Bennigan’s and sibling Steak Ale restaurants filed for bankruptcy, putting the thousands who worked at 200 locations out of work.

Ruby Tuesday will look to shake off double-digit same-store sales decreases with its symbolic new campaign. The publicity stunt kicks off the “It’s a brand new Tuesday” ad campaign.

Marketing will tout a menu overhaul from “bar & grill” to “simple, fresh, American dining.” Plus the fact that d