Adweek’s Brand Genius 2017: Meet the Year’s 10 Sharpest Minds on Marketing’s Cutting Edge

The data-obsessed advertising industry loves to study itself, but this year’s crop of papers provided conflicting narratives. A YouGov survey released in March surprised many by revealing that 61 percent of Americans actually like the advertising they see. But don’t break out the champagne yet, because six months later, a Morning Consult survey found that 75 percent of Americans grumble that those same ads are intrusive.

Where does that leave the average marketing executive? Maybe to follow a rule that stays true no matter what the surveys say: the work had better be honest, interesting and engaging, or nobody will pay attention. So what does that kind of work look like? You’ll find 10 superlative examples in the following section (just click below).

Each year (and for the past 28 years), Adweek’s Brand Genius Awards have spotlighted the head-turning efforts of the most accomplished marketers in the business and their portfolios of work from the preceding 18 months that exemplify the varied and endlessly innovative ways to grow a brand and win the hearts and minds of consumers—regardless of how they respond to surveys.

And be sure to check out Adweek’s 2017 Brand Visionary, Anna Wintour, and this year’s Brand Save honoree, —Robert Klara