Wienermobile escapes after a close call

WeinermobileIt’s no secret that they take their cheese pretty seriously up in Wisconsin, but sausage is probably a close second. That was proven once again this week when the city council in Madison was considering a bill to ban mobile advertising in the city. Sounded pretty good—until one alderman thought of hometown business Oscar Mayer. “Are we banning Little Oscar?” Tim Bruer asked, according to reports. The thought of banishing the Wienermobile from the city limits was enough to send the proposal to defeat by a 12-7 vote. Other than being chomped, an encased meat product hasn’t had such a close brush with danger in Wisconsin since the Italian Sausage was whacked by a Pittsburgh Pirate during a Milwaukee Brewers between-innings stunt a couple of years ago. The Madison council’s move was the second big victory for sausage lovers this week; earlier, two Chicago companies, Vienna Beef and Alpha Baking, agreed to finally produce packages containing equal numbers of hot dogs and buns. With Memorial Day approaching, all appears right for a successful summer of grilling in the Midwest.

—Posted by Trevor Jensen