WaterPartners puts dirty in clean-water PSA

This faux bottled-water spot, created as a PSA by the clean-water advocates at WaterPartners, probably tries a bit too hard to be funny, and the fake-ad setup is old hat. Still, the actress is committed, as she lets the sludge (called "L'Desh Fresh") dribble down her face. This is "the world's most authentic water," the polluted stuff with "arsenic-enhanced flavor" and "smooth urine undertones" that millions use for drinking, bathing and food preparation every day. The clip has only a few thousand views on YouTube. Maybe they should've had the stuff eat through her chin. Or better yet, that dress! Just to drive some traffic. WaterPartners just teamed up with Matt Damon to form Water.org. Maybe Matt can explain that sex sells.

—Posted by David Gianatasio