Vintage ads capture VCRs in all their glory


Remember when VCRs were the centerpiece of home-theater technology? Of course not, because the continents hadn't broken apart yet. Good thing we can learn about those primitive times with this pretty amusing list of 10 Reasons Why VCRs Are Incredible (According To Old VCR Advertisements). As you can see here, the portability of VCR recorders was once a major selling point—and probably gave chiropractors some business, too. The last entry is also notable, advertising one VCR at a sale price of $699. The PlayStation 3 retailed new at about $500, and it is to a VCR what a Harley is to a bicycle with a card in the spokes. But at least VCRs stuck around for a while. If anyone's feeling particularly cruel, put together a Laserdisc retrospective. That would be amazing.

—Posted by David Kiefaber