Tron viral leads fans to a real-life lightcycle

The 2009 Comic-Con hosted, among other high-dollar nerdy attractions, a tremendous viral marketing stunt for Disney's upcoming Tron Legacy. Buzz for the effort started several days before the convention, when sites like “mysteriously received two tokens for Flynn's Arcade,” a key location from the original '80s sci-fi classic starring Jeff Bridges. The tokens and other digital breadcrumbs led bloggers to a site called Flynn Lives, where an online counter told viewers to meet at a certain cul-de-sac in San Diego Thursday night. Those who turned out got to take part in a blacklight scavenger hunt, something that's both fun and thematically relevant to the aesthetics of the first Tron. Soon they had discovered a re-creation of Flynn’s Arcade, where a secret room held the biggest prize of all: a real-life lightcycle from the new movie (shown above), accompanied by some of Daft Punk’s musical score. Hopefully this smart, inclusive delivery will get through to people who still think “viral marketing” means inventing a lame catchphrase or lamer fake Web site and pummeling the Internet with it.

Posted by David Kiefaber