Those ghastly Gastineau girls

GastineauAt least on The Apprentice, the contestants compete for a job. On Survivor, the winner takes home $1 million. But will someone please enlighten AdFreak as to the appeal of watching wealthy, whiny socialites argue about who borrowed whose Dior handbag? It’s bad enough we have over privileged Beverly Hills chicks on The Simple Life, the hair excesses of Growing Up Gotti, an Iranian princess on Love Is in the Heir, but now E!’s New York socialite Gastineau Girls (pictured here) is just the last straw. First of all, their celebrity status is highly marginal, with Lisa Gastineau being the ex-wife of former New York Jets’ star Mark Gastineau, who now lives quite abundantly on her divorce settlement The show could be slightly interesting if it gave financial advice, a la Suze Orman, but there is nothing to be learned here. Please, someone put an end to the philosophizing doorman, the workouts with celebrity fitness trainers and the private meetings with diamond brokers. It’s too much. On a recent episode, “This is assault!” socialite-mom Lisa Gastineau shouts, "This is assault!" when her living room is invaded with boxes of her daughter’s pricey possessions. “It’s an assault on my sensibilities!” Indeed. AdFreak could not agree more.

—Posted by Celeste Ward

Photo credit: George DeSota/E! Networks