Retro razor ad doesn’t have legs to stand on


Chevrolet doesn't have a monopoly on retro-sexism these days. This '50s-style ad for Bic Soleil razors has been pulled from Toronto's subway after an outcry from those who say it portrays women as nothing but sexual objects. Many of the posters were vandalized—some with homemade stickers offering impressively lengthy messages of protest. Read one: "Hey ladies! Don't kid yourselves. Your gams are for glaring at—pure decoration. Your legs are NOT for kicking ass, standing tall or marching. Like a slab of meat or a tasty cake treat, you are an object to be consumed, and don't assume otherwise. If you are wise, you will do everything you can to look pretty, because that's all that matters." A Bic rep apologized for the ad, and said: "It was certainly not our intention to offend anyone." See the full ad after the jump.