How about putting Obama on a new $1 bill?


At the time of his election, President Obama might have actually had a shot at gracing some American currency. Not so much now. Still, he does front the $1 bill as reimagined by San Francisco design firm Dowling Duncan. See all of Dowling's denominations, from $1 up to $100, after the jump. Each is designed to offer insight into America's heritage. Thus, Obama, the nation's first black president, is on the $1. The tepee on the $5 symbolizes the nation's first five tribes. The Bill of Rights on the $10 references the first 10 amendments. The $20 is devoted to images of 20th-century U.S. history. Stars for the 50 states are on the $50. And FDR is on the $100, a nod to his busy first 100 days in office. (Sorry, no room for George or Abe anymore.) You can check out other designers' offerings at the Dollar ReDe$ign Project site. Most of them might seem fanciful, but the issue isn't. No matter how heroically they're advertised, U.S. bills have been making designers cringe for a long time. Via The Boston Egotist.