’60s model Evelyn Kuhn sues over Stella ad


Mother London's recent work for Stella has an authentic 1960s vibe. Perhaps too authentic. The New York Post reports that Evelyn Kuhn, one of the world's first supermodels, is suing Corbis, the stock-photography company, after a 1963 photo of her popped up in a Stella campaign ad this past March. The ad is thought to be the one shown here, posted on Ad Broad—with what appears to be Kuhn in the upper-right image. The photo was reportedly taken in 1963 during a shoot for Polydor Records in which Kuhn wore a gold-lamé dress. Corbis says Kuhn lawsuit is "without merit." Not so Jacques d'Azur, the star of that Stella campaign, which was tied to the Cannes Film Festival. Jacques, a kind of World's Most Interesting Man Lite, is oozing in merit, as well as chicks.