Topic: Revision3

Colonel Meow Grants an Audience to Animalist

New slate for jokey digital net includes tyrannical Himalayan

Well, it's official. Revision3's Animalist digital channel (where Animal Planet fans go to hang out) is now your one-stop shop for cats with talk shows. It's a good time to…

I Fucking Love Science Gets Its Own Web Series on Discovery's Test Tube

Admin for popular Facebook page lands Science Channel development deal

Facebookers, rejoice: I Fucking Love Science now has its own video series on Discovery's digital network Test Tube. IFLS's progenitor, Elise Andrew, hosts the three-minute science news roundup, and it's…

YouTube Star Phil DeFranco Talks Revision3 Deal

Plans to launch a new channel roughly every 3 months

If you don't know who Phil DeFranco is, you probably should. DeFranco is huge on YouTube—like 2.6-million-subscribers-1-billion-views huge. His channel SourceFed, which blends news, politics and humor, is often cited…

Are You Young and Male? Discovery Says This TestTube's for You

Net rolls out free, ad-supported video network with targeted original content

Discovery Communications has launched TestTube, a free, ad-supported video network targeted at young males, The Wall Street Journal reported. TestTube is the product of Internet television studio Revision3, acquired by Discovery…