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Corona Urges Mexicans to Smash Walls, and Not Just Trump's, in Ad Timed to the U.S. Election

Diego Luna stars in fun, frenzied spot

As Election Day arrives in America, Corona riffs on Donald Trump's vow to build a wall along the southern border in this extravagant 90-second film for the Mexican market, created…

Uber Is Putting Ads on Drones and Having Them Taunt Drivers Stuck in Traffic

As if being in a traffic jam weren't annoying enough

Uber is doing huge business in Mexico City, to the point where they feel comfortable using drones to taunt people who aren't using their service yet. A recent ad stunt for…

Coca-Cola Is Seeing (Even More) Red in New Designs for Its Cans and Bottles

Changes roll out in Mexico first

When a brand as iconic as Coca-Cola decides to change its packaging, it's a big deal. While different colors have always denoted different products—red is classic Coca-Cola, silver is loved…

Coca-Cola Is Now Printing Cans and Bottles in Braille for Blind People

Separate campaigns from Mexico and Argentina

Two new campaigns from Coca-Cola feature cans and bottles printed in braille, so blind people can read them. In Mexico, ad agency Anónimo realized the hugely popular "Share a Coke" names-on-cans…

Vacation in Paris Now or You Will Die Alone and Full of Regrets, Says Expedia

Sad but true?

Don't skip your trip to Paris. The love of your life is waiting there, says Expedia. In this new ad from Expedia Mexico (and director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz), the online travel…

Mexican Newspaper Offers Breaking News via Paper Towel Dispenser

Stunt reportedly boosts site visits 37%

Who says print is dead? Maybe it's just on an extended bathroom break. Mexican free newspaper Mas Por Mas recently rigged paper towel dispensers in select corporate, mall and cinema toilets…

Is This a Pro-Breastfeeding Ad Campaign or Soft-Core Porn? You Decide (SFW)

Mexican celebs go topless

Activists and health advocates are rightly upset over this poorly executed campaign to get Mexico City mothers to breastfeed. It shows topless celebrities with a carefully placed banner running right…

Incredible Tweet-Inspired Illustrated Billboard Gets 60-Second Spot to Match

Scribe project keeps on giving

Mexican stationery company Scribe won a Bronze Lion in Cannes for its "Scribe Billboard" campaign, in which artist Cecilia Beaven lived inside a blank billboard like a shoemaker's elf for…

Dog's Genitals Star in Grey's Weird Floor-Cleaner Ad (NSFW?)

An unflattering pose

Here's an ad that's really the dog's bollocks. It's by Grey Mexico for Motor Master floor disinfectant. "What is on your floor is not always on your mind," says the…

Pringles Ad Accused of Ripping Off 'One Tiny Hand' Tumblr

A battle over men's small parts

[Note: The agency says this spot was never approved to run. See update below.] I'm sure advertisers have ripped off individual Tumblrs before, but it's never been quite as obvious…