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Huffington Post’s 27-Year-Old COO Sees Its Global Expansion as an Opportunity for Advertisers

Reaching 200 million users around the world

Specs Current gig Chief operating officer, Huffington Post Previous gig General manager, international, Huffington Post Age 27 Adweek: What's your day-to-day look like? Koda Wang: The last thing I do every evening is decide…

HuffPost Takes More Control of Destiny With New Ad Staff Separate From AOL

Doubling down on premium advertising

The Huffington Post is increasingly looking like a stand-alone business at AOL. The site got a new CEO in Jimmy Maymann a year ago, and before that, Arianna Huffington took control…

HuffPost Taps Former YouTube Exec to Help Push 'Live'

New business development head will focus on programming, maybe e-commerce

The Huffington Post has been ramping up on the business side of the operation, and the company's most recent addition is Yaosh Ho, head of business development. In an internal memo…