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This Airline Made a URL Entirely of Emojis, and 1,600 People Managed to Type It In

One-day effort announces flight to Las Vegas

Emojis are usually pretty easy to use—unless you're trying to type them into your browser's address bar. Norwegian Airlines decided its target millennial audience was probably up to the challenge, though,…

British Bus Service Apologizes for 'Ride Me' Ad Campaign

Price gag sparked international backlash

A Welsh bus service's "Ride Me All Day for £3" ad campaign has come to an abrupt stop after facing vocal criticism in social media. The ads, featured on the back of…

This Beautifully Simple Site Makes It Easy to Create the Right Digital Color Palette

Made for app designers, it's handy for all

For the most talented designers, creating a palette of complementary colors comes easy. For the rest of us, not so much. Enter Material Palette, a site launched this week by European…

Burger King Surprised Apartment Hunters With One Whopper of a Kitchen Upgrade

A fully staffed restaurant, just for you

If you're apartment hunting for a three bedroom/two bath/one Burger King, this might be the spot for you. Spanish agency La Despensa equipped a tasty pad in downtown Madrid with a…

These Forgotten Toys Want to Know What Love Is. They Want You to Show Them

Freeview revives a classic '80s power ballad

If your once-loved, coldly discarded belongings could share their feelings of loss and exile, what would it sound like? Like Foreigner, that's what. In this Leo Burnett spot for British TV…

Ad of the Day: Stressful Week? Watch This Beautifully Serene Ad About Urban Deer

Canon's quiet, mesmerizing look at nocturnal explorers

Sometimes, the most attention-grabbing thing you can put in an ad is silence. That's definitely the case with this lovely ad from Canon Europe and agency JWT London. The 90-second spot…

Here's Harvey Nichols' Follow-up to One of the World's Most-Awarded Ad Campaigns

Has the retailer finally found the Christmas spirit?

Luxury retailer Harvey Nichols practically swept the 2014 Cannes Lions with its last holiday campaign, which won a staggering four Grand Prix. Now the brand has returned with its highly…

A Bank Hired an Actor to Tell You He's an Actor Hired by a Bank. And It's Awesome

Nordnet takes transparency very seriously

Commercials about financial institutions are notoriously snooze-worthy, but Nordnet has changed it up with a fun new campaign rich in meta-humor. The Scandinavian financial institution, operating in Denmark, Finland, Norway and…

Waitrose Skips the Whimsical but Still Warms Hearts in Its Christmas Ad

And you might actually remember what's being advertised

Christmas storytelling is an annual rite of advertising one-upsmanship in Britain. But how can you weave a heart-warming tale while still keeping your product front and center? U.K. grocery chain Waitrose…

Ad of the Day: A Beautiful Airline Spot Celebrates the Sibling Cities of New York and Paris

Defined by differences, but with so much in common

Paris and New York. As two of the world's cultural epicenters—and, among a certain set, the cultural epicenters—the cities are constantly being compared in terms of everything from fashion and…