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4 Lessons Hollywood Can Teach Brands About Winning Big Audiences

'Think like a marketer, act like a producer'

For decades, marketing has been predicated on interrupting someone else's content. Now, as marketers continue to explore creating content that people want to watch for its own sake, there are…

The Programmatic Revolution Will Be Televised

Turn among data ad tech firms pushing adoption

Ad tech firm Turn is about to gauge TV’s appetite and capacity for programmatic ad buying. The Silicon Valley company is testing, with its agency partner SQ1, commercial placements using…

Data Points: Ad Play

The price of a Super Bowl spot keeps going up, but advertisers keep paying

While football fans stock up on chicken wings and big-screen TVs in preparation for Super Bowl XLVII, marketers have their eye on the commercials that will play out on advertising's…

Proving Web Targeting Actually Works

DoubleVerify, Kantar's Compete partner on new viewable ad verification product

The online ad industry often touts its ability to eliminate the sort of waste that is common in traditional media through its ability to provide superior targeting. But in practice,…

Twitter Brings Interest Targeting to Promoted Tweets, Accounts

Brands can aim ads at users in 350-plus categories

Twitter’s pitch to advertisers just got a whole lot more interesting. Marketers can now target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts based on users’ interests. For example, a dog food brand…

Newsweek, Others Take Readership Hit

Audience falls 13% while in ownership limbo

Newsweek's year on the block and leadership limbo wasn’t just bad for the weekly’s ad pages and circulation—its audience also took a hit. The magazine—which also has deliberately cut its…