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Steve Swartz the Company Man [Video]

A look at today's headlines on

Today, we look at how the networks are catching up with digital platforms. Lucia Moses profiles Steve Swartz and finds out how he rose to the top Hearst's corporate ranks. And…

6 Toy Ads That Transformed Toys Forever [Video]

Why do kids want the toys they want? Sam Thielman explains

From Barbie to Bratz via an army of action figures that are defnitely not dolls for boy, Sam Thielman explains how the union of broadcasters and toymakers created a multibillion…

Real Time Marketing on a Social Network

Mindshare's Jordan Bitterman explains

MIndshare's Jordan Bitterman explains

This Week's Wins, Fails and WTFs [Video]

Adweek staff look at the winners and losers

Michael Sam did well this week, Marc Jacobs perhaps not so much. Tony Case, Michael Bürgi, Tim Nudd, Chris Heine, Garett Sloane and Emma Bazilian give their takes on the…

NBC Could Hit a Billion in Olympic Ad Revenue [Video]

John Tejada with this morning's top stories on

NBC could strike gold in ad revenue in Sochi, we find out how the agency Royale got where it is today, and Robert Klara tells us what Amway is really…

The NHL Network Should Probably Read This Week's Data Points

A look at the top stories on Adweek

Today, the NHL Network is launching NHL Tonight: 2014 Sochi Edition, a live highlights show that will run immediately following the Latvia-Switzerland telecast. In this week's Data Points we learn…

Lingerie, Chocolate and Flowers

Adweek's Mad Woman lists her Valentine's Day essentials

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves is a true romantic. If you're paying. Some ways to her heart include: Pro Flowers Hallmark Kay Jewelers Personalised M&Ms Victoria's Secret  

Is the Reward Model the Next Big Ad Trend?

John Tejada looks at Adweek's top stories today

Is the Reward Model the Next Big Ad Trend?

Wins, Fails, WTFs

AMC's zombies and Twitter's weird week

Jim Cooper and the team round up the week's highs, lows and big questions, including programmatic pioneer Rubicon's bumper week and CBS's all-new Thursday night schedule.

In Your Adweek Today [Video]

Clear Channel's new Horizon, a history of 'exertainment' and that CBS NFL deal

Emma Bazilian rounds up three of the top stories on Adweek today: Horizon and Clear Channel Exertainment for all CBS meets NFL