YouTube Is Beefing Up Its Live Video Game to Compete With Facebook and Periscope

YouTube may have been first in the online video space, but as the digital ecosystem explodes, the online video giant has fallen behind in one of the newest trends: live video.

Meerkat Just Unveiled a GoPro Livestreaming Feature That Seems Awesome

Livestreaming app looks to add high-flying punch to its offering OK, Periscope—your move.

Step Aside, Creators. Brands Are Taking Over YouTube

The digital video world will converge on Anaheim, Calif., this week for the sixth annual VidCon, a three-day extravaganza that's grown from 1,400 YouTubers and their rabid fans, to 20,000 strong, with top-tier creators from Vine, Vimeo, Tumblr and Meerkat, just to name a few. Some of the biggest brands on the planet will also be in attendance.

Moxy Hotels Is Making a Web Series ‘Do Not Disturb’ With a Popular YouTube Personality

Moxy Hotels is enlisting YouTube star Taryn Southern to help launch its own YouTube channel with an eight-part Web series, Do Not Disturb.

Taco Bell Discusses Its VidCon Documentary

Taco Bell wants to be where young, hungry eaters are so it's making its presence known at Web video conference VidCon.

7 New Things That YouTube Revealed At Vidcon

YouTube wants users to know it has heard the complaints about monetization and reach and wants to do everything it can to help.

YouTube Unleashing the Power of Its Network at VidCon

YouTube has been on a roll promoting its top stars on everything from billboard advertisements to TV spots.

Smosh Says Sponsored Videos Need to Feel Authentic

The hit YouTube duo Smosh has a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to folding sponsors into their videos: they only feature brands they are passionate about.

Investor Says Amazon Could Take on YouTube

YouTube is like the Walmart of video, argued venture capitalist Mark Suster Thursday at the VidCon conference, explaining that the Google company is so dominant that video creators essentially have no choice but to build a brand on the platform.

YouTube Extends Production Space Program to New York

YouTube is headed to New York. The Web video giant said at VidCon on Thursday that it will open a production space in the Big Apple for video creators.It's part of the YouTube Space program; the company has similar outposts in Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.